THE 2018

trans lab fellows


Azure D.

Award-winning Black queer theatre maker from South of the Mason-Dixon Line.
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Cece Suazo

Actress, Director and Playwright Last seen in New York Times Critic's Pick Off-Broadway production of Street Children.
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Else Went

Non-binary trans playwright of mixed heritage based in New York City.
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Simone Wolff

Playwright, poet, essayist, reviewer, interviewer, and editor.
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Kit Yan

Squishy, tenderhearted, transgender, Yellow-American New York-based artist.
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Maybe Burke

Director, choreographer, writer, performer and trans advocate interested in telling the stories that haven't been told.
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Orion Johnstone

Queer, non-binary, human/composer/theatermaker/organizer with a ferocious commitment to our collective liberation. 
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